To make sure that we can cover the monthly upkeep costs of the servers, we have created a donation system where players can donate to the server. In order to show our appreciation to the people who donate, we have added a few donation rewards which are listed below. All the listed donation rewards are permanent and will last for as long as the game servers are up.

Note: In order to receive the donation rewards, you need to donate €5 EUR or more!
You will also receive the @Donator role when donating €5 EUR or greater.

By donating to the server, you agree to the following terms:

  • Any donation you make is final and cannot be refunded
  • Donating will not protect you from bans if you break Server rules
  • The donation rewards are subject to change over time
  • Disputing a payment will result in a ban until the dispute has been settled

In-Game Donation Rewards
Card image cap

Additional vehicle skins and solid colors

Card image cap

Special player nametag

Card image cap

Additional Uniform and custom skins

Card image cap

When a location is being voted, your vote will count twice

Donation Form
When paying €5 or more, this SteamID will receive donation rewards
When paying €5 or more, this Discord Handle will receive the donation role. Make sure it is in the same format as the example: Altay#0313
In order to receive the donation rewards, you'll need to donate atleats €5 or greater